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The ABA Aircraft Maintenance shop was born in the city of Barreiras, west of the state of Bahia, bringing the pioneering spirit in maintenance for agricultural and executive aircraft.

The growth of our infrastructure and adoption of high standard service have positioned us as a reference in the aviation maintenance industry. We are certified by ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency), and a DEM (Designated Engine Maintenance) for PRATT & WHITNEY Canada, which gives our customer the privilege of a personalized service as we are technically close to the largest manufacturer of agricultural turboprop engines in the world.

We are Authorized Service Center for AGNAV DGPS Service Center in agriculture as well as CIRRUS AIRCRAFT for general aviation. We are compliant will all environmental standards, and were awarded by ANAC, winning 1st place in the Innovation Actions category, of InovAnac Award.

We are contibuting to the growth of agricultural aviation and the development of Agribusiness in the MATOPIBA region (Maranhão, Tocantins, Piauí and Bahia states). We are committed to provide our customers with safe planes with our aeronautical maintenance solutions.

Our maintenance complex offers excellent solutions, from periodic maintenance to a complete aircraft restoration. Teams trained by the manufacturers, certified tooling and a broad stock of parts guarantee the highest level of safety and quality in our maintenance processes.

Temporary maintenance facilities in strategic locations and our own aircraft available for off-base services, allow us to provide our customer with quick maintenance support.

All these achievements made what we are now. Throughout our history, we became one of the most modern aircraft maintenance shops in the country. We serve to exceed expectations and make the agrobusiness fly higher!

Ruddigger Alves da Silva
General Director

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Our story


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Our story

Environmental Responsibility

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Commitment to the environment

We believe that excellent economic, social and environmental management positively impacts the sustainability cycle, improving the quality of life and reducing environmental impacts.

The commitment to our customers, employees and the environment allows us to maintain a sustainable operation.

We are the only service center in the region that has a waste ozonation system, properly approved and with state government environmental license. The aircraft cleaning is performed with biodegradable materials.

We work to leave a better planet for the future generations.


Eng. Gustavo Monasterio

Technical manager

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