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Aircraft Sales

Find your next Aircraft!

Are you looking for a small agricultural or general aviation aircraft to boost your business? ABA has professionals specialized in evaluating your type of operation and suggesting the best type of aircraft for you.


We are an AIR TRACTOR sales representative. We provide support from choosing the best model for your business, consulting on importation process, VTI (Initial Technical Inspection), installation of agricultural equipment, DGPS, pilot training and application technology, so your plane can fly safely and reliably.


We look for the right aircraft to your operation in the national and international market, providing consulting for the purchase, legalization and operation of your future aircraft.

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Pre-purchase inspection

Engine performance analysis and vibration tests;


Boroscopic Inspection;


Inspection for general corrosion on structure critical points;


Functional test of the entire electrical and electronic systems;

In the pre-purchase inspection we perform a complete assessment of the aircraft in relation to its technical condition and the status of its required maintenance programs and civil aviation authority. Part of this process is the preparation of a report on the actual airworthiness conditions of the aircraft. This process shows if the aircraft is safe and reliable, giving you peace of mind when conducting your business.

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